About Me

What's up! 

My Names Callum. Im a wilderness explorer, people watcher and moment capturer for the self admitted beach bums, nature nuts and fellow outdoorsy folk. 

I am naturally drawn to mother natures playground. Fascinated by all the teeny tiny and massively gigantic features she lays in place. It’s ever changing, and always on the move. Similarly to a wedding day, it can be the teeny tiny details, and the gigantic wowsers that tell the most authentic story and I absolutely love creating imagery to  give you the same relaxing, yet euphoric experience every time you feast your eyes on your wedding photos.

Passion and authenticity is my fuel. It’s what I drive for. Throughout all my creative processes, I enjoy nothing more than documenting all the feels of the day in a natural and authentic style. The passion, the laughs, the tears and the complete and utter explosions of joy. 

I’m addicted to jazz and blasting the trumpet. When Im not listening to Miles Davis, Ill be tuning into the ocean for my dose of zen. I'm a curious fella, Mum always said "curiosity killed the cal" I use that curiosity to explain my obsession with travelling to far away places and meeting new faces.

About the Name

You might be wondering, Callum + Co? I'f you're Callum, Who is the CO.?!

Truth is, it is one of Earth's greatest unsolved mysteries....

I KID!! You are! my beautiful couples who work with me, who let me into their lives, and create sweet sweet awesomeness! As you are my Co, its all about collaboration. We share, we trust and we run free to establish lasting, authentic memories.

I would love to help you out on your special day. Send me an email or feel free to call me and we can get started to make beautiful things happen!

P. 0438 947 103