Burger with the lot// 9 hours

+ 9 Hour coverage
FROM $2000.00

Burger with the lot + Extra sauce// 9 hours

+ 9 Hour coverage
+ Second shooter
FROM $2650.00

Whats in the Burg?

(Apart cheese, brioche bun and whole ground all Australian beef patty)

Consultation meetings // to get to know you and your gang + decide all the deets for the day.

Timeline design // together we can sort out a full proof time line of the day so everyone has enough time and is 100% in the know.

Private online gallery // for you to share with your friends and download your faves!

Memory box // A sweet little keepsake for your memories. It contains 20 6x4 fine art prints of you two looking your best! 

USB // with all the juicy high res photos from the day! 


(apart from bacon, avo or extra pickle,) 

+ Extra hour coverage = $350.

+ Adventure shoot = $300.00.

Make it a meal deal

Albums! the meal deal is an Album! I could go on for years about how awesome albums are, but let me know you're interested and lets talk!

Adventure shoot

What exactly is an adventure shoot you may be asking? Well its basically an engagement shoot, But around 10x the fun and 10x the awesome. (And the name ain't so cheesy)


Elopements are super rad! I cant get enough of them! The energy at elopements are by far the best. If you're planning on an elopement or super intimate ceremony, totally give me an email and we can go from there!


Because I absolutely love to get around and see awesome places, YES I am totally down to travel for your wedding. I charge a flat $300.00 travel cost if your wedding is in the beautiful South West region. Other destinations are individually quoted to the location.




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